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Stewart House Salary Contribution Scheme

Would you miss $4.00 per pay to allow one student an overnight stay at Stewart House?

This letter is an unashamed request for your financial support and advocacy for Stewart House, the NSW Public Schools’ Number One Charity. I understand the continual pressure exerted by not-for-profit organisations on individuals and schools. My request is different to that of any other worthy cause – it relies on precedents within the NSW public education system and NSW Teachers Federation that have existed for decades.

Stewart House was built in 1931 at South Curl Curl, through the unqualified support of the NSW Teachers Federation and the NSW Department of Education. We have survived financially over the years because of the compassionate support from NSW public schools and their staff.

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Sometimes welfare concerns for our students cannot all be satisfactorily addressed in the school environment. Stewart House exists to provide certain of our students with an opportunity for a break from their current circumstances. Over the years, more than 150,000 children have benefited from a stay at Stewart House.

Every two weeks of the school year, 90 public school children from designated areas of the state are cared for by Stewart House. The staff at Stewart House acknowledges the physical and financial efforts placed on home school staff to get these children to Stewart House by plane, train, bus or combinations of the three.

Once here, the children attend school for nine of the twelve days. We appreciate the financial and staffing support provided by the NSW Department of Education and Communities, NSW Health and the University of NSW for the operation of a special school and our health screening and treatment facilities.

Children are supported by Stewart House staff between 3.30pm and 9.00am, weekdays and across the weekend of their stay These staff are not government employees and their salaries are met from charitable contributions. This includes the employment of cooks, cleaners, laundry and maintenance staff as well as qualified out-of-school hours supervisors to look after the 90 children on a rostered basis for over 18 hours each week day and 48 hours on the weekend. In addition to these paid staff, Stewart House is supported by numerous volunteers and a Board of Directors, all of whom give significant time and effort to Stewart House, in fundraising and other activities.

The childrens’ meals, accommodation, supervision, personal care and recreational activities are all sourced from donations to Stewart House. Donations, including salary contributions, are managed by Stewart House in its capacity as a not-for-profit organization.

We need $3 million annually to fund all aspects of the childrens' stay.

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We rely on fortnightly salary contributions from school staff, a great many of whom have supported Stewart House for more than 20 years. We rely on public school teachers championing fund raising activities with their students and local communities. We also welcome financial and in-kind donations from private individuals, retirees and the corporate sector.

With all this effort, we still cannot achieve financial targets. The rising costs of food, petrol for our buses and maintenance on our buildings are not being matched by increased income. This means that, in order to fully fund the maximum number of children receiving our services each year, vital building maintenance, site improvements and enhancements to the programs the children undertake during their stay cannot be effectively addressed.

Would you miss $4 from your pay? It would go directly to care for children in need that could have been identified in your own school. Any fortnightly contribution you could afford would be greatly appreciated and give a much needed boost to our finances.

As a recognised NSW charity, all donations over $2 are tax deductible and the ATO will accept the deduction outlined on your payslip as evidence of donation.

Should you require further information please visit our website or phone us on 02 9938 3100 or talk to a colleague who may well already be a salary contributor. The work of Stewart House has the full support of the:

  • NSW Department of Education and Communities
  • NSW Public Service Association
  • NSW Teachers Federation
  • Federation of Parents & Citizens Associations of NSW

Watch out for information regarding the work of Stewart House appearing on their websites and in printed publications.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this request. Stewart House has grown over nearly a century with one charter – to care for public school children from all parts of NSW that are in need. Help us to secure finances to ensure Stewart House maintains its good work for another century and continues to give our school children a brighter future. Rest assured that 100% of your contribution will go to support public school children in need and in the care of Stewart House.

Contact us

Cnr Batho Road & Wyadra Avenue
Freshwater NSW 2096
(PO Box 21, Freshwater NSW 2096)

Telephone: 02 9938 3100

ABN 97 127 072 100

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