Congratulations and thank you to all the schools, corporations and individuals who fundraised on behalf of Stewart House in 2019!

As part of our annual Awards Presentation Ceremony, we host an on-site event, to acknowledge the outstanding fundraising efforts of schools, corporations and individuals in the previous year. However, this year our ceremony was moved online to accommodate safe social distance requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic and, instead, we invited our award recipients to be part of this special donor recognition feature.

To help us celebrate the spirit and dedication with which our highly-valued fundraising community fundraised for Stewart House in 2019, we asked award recipients to share what Stewart House means to them, their school, community or organisation. We encouraged a creative outlook for delivering on this message and offered the following ideas for inspiration:

  • Take a photo of your award/certificate with your staff/students
  • Write a message
  • Make a short video
  • Create a poem, collage or dance
A full list of Stewart House supporters in 2019 is available in our Annual Report 2019.

We are delighted to share this feature of the responses from public schools in NSW for your enjoyment.


Virtual Appreciation Gallery

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Video Entries

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