In accordance with previous decisions of the Board of Directors and with the advice received from Governments and appropriate Government Departments, the Board endorses the operation of a reduced program for students at Stewart House from 19th October 2020. The Chief Executive Officer has been authorised to:

  1. Reduce the cohort size to 20 (10 boys, 10 girls)
  2. Reduce the stay to 5 days (no weekends), thus enabling a greater number of schools to avail themselves of the service – delivering an engaging COVID-19-informed, needs-based program
  3. Accept placements from only metropolitan schools between the time of re-opening and the end of Term 4, thereby mitigating transport and transmission risks by using Stewart House buses to pick-up and drop-off students (Attachment 1)
  4. Invite enrolments from all metropolitan areas in accordance with the published schedule, thus allowing country schools first preference to next year’s calendar, should we be able to implement the full 12-day program

Access to the full set of conditions required to re-open in Term 4 2020 is available for download, here.