The High Five Rewards Program

At the end of the two week Stewart House program, the children attend the ‘High five’ shop where they can choose gifts to take home, with ‘High five’ money that they have earnt during their stay.

The High Five Rewards Program is a whole site program to encourage pro social behaviours of the students and support ‘Positive Behaviour for Learning’ expectations.

All staff on site can give High Five Dollars to students who demonstrate positive behaviours over a period of time. When giving a high five-dollar specific feedback is given so that the student and peers understand what behaviours are being rewarded.

On a recent exit survey children were asked “What would you like to see more of in the shop?

The response was “we need bigger variety in the High five shop such as Lego, hot wheels, Pokémon cards, action figures, drones, basketballs, nail polish, Rubik’s cubes, science and cars”.

 If you have any NEW toys that meet these children’s requests, we would love to hear from you!