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High Fives at Stewart House!

In Term 4, 2014 Stewart House proudly launched a new brand. The logo depicts two hands ‘high fiving’ in front of the actual Curl Curl beach surfline with sky and sand – a view every student wakes up to at Stewart House.
The Southern Cross and Stewie the Dolphin, used as logos in the past, did not really convey the essence of what we do.
The new logo, with the high five, instantly shows a friendly, comfortable and uplifting exchange between two children, which we feel depicts the best possible outcome of a stay at Stewart House – children leaving with positive aspirations for a future beyond their current circumstance. High Fiving is a celebration and we feel that it is appropriate for our logo as we celebrate with your students a constructive impact across their 12-day stay and beyond.
The logo was designed by On Create Communications on a pro bono basis. Although the logo has changed, the purpose of Stewart House in providing much-needed respite for public school children remains the same and this is reflected in the tagline accompanying the new logo – CHANGING CHILDREN’S LIVES SINCE 1931.

Celebrate Stewart House Day 2015

Friday 8th May 2015 will be a focal point for schools fundraising for Stewart House.
Each year we provide branded merchandise for you to consider purchasing to assist with fundraising activities.
With this newsletter you would have received a merchandise order form and sample of our new keyring torch along with a poster to promote Stewart House Day.
There are easy ways get involved, further information is available on our website:

  Order keyring torches to sell at your school. Keyrings are $3.00 each and feature a LED torch.
  Participate in the annual Donation Drive, entry is only $2 for your chance to win a $4,000 holiday to the destination of your choice. Information and fundraising envelopes will be sent to each school at the end of February.
  Encourage your colleagues to start making a fortnightly donation to Stewart House through the NSW Department of Education Salary Contribution Scheme or Workplace Giving programs.
  Hold another fundraiser for Stewart House!

Stewart House Day is held in May each year to coincide with our Annual presentation of awards to schools as part of our donor recognition program.
Please do not feel constrained by this date. Your school can organise a fundraising event at any time during the year. To be eligible for donor recognition, proceeds of fundraising must reach Stewart House by 31 December 2015.
School donations have always been a significant revenue stream for Stewart House.
Over the past three years we have received $460,886, $472,578 and $436,536 respectively. Last year the drop off was a result of decline in ‘bouncy ball’ merchandise sales. This year we are aiming to sell out the 40,000 keyrings we have in storage.

Continual improvement of the facilities at Stewart House

Stewart House has completed further renovations on site during the past 12 months in order to keep our facilities modern and up to date.
All children across the site now enjoy brand new bunk beds and mattresses thanks to a major corporate donation. The ‘Kool Kids’ cabin, where 12 of our youngest children stay, has been relocated and completely refurbished. The school bathrooms have been upgraded and a state of the art playground has been installed.
We have purchased modern optometric equipment including a laser retinal scanner which will enhance our health screening program. New equipment also allows us to discretely record students’ body mass index and make appropriate healthy lifestyle referrals. The nurse’s triage rooms and bathroom facilities have also been upgraded.

School Liaison Officer visits expanded to rural NSW

In 2014, our School Liaison Officers visited 314 schools and spoke at staff meetings encouraging a further 1520 staff to join their colleagues by donating to Stewart House through fortnightly payroll deductions.
Over the past three years we have visited all Sydney metropolitan, Central Coast and Hunter schools. The annualised equivalent value of all contributions in the scheme now approaches $1.83M and a total of 11,994 public education staff participate in salary sacrifice for Stewart House. Thank you to all the schools who welcomed our School Liaison Officers to their school staff meetings and to those who signed-up to support Stewart House each fortnight.
Please reinforce with your staff that their contributions are very much appreciated by all involved in the work of Stewart House.
Stewart House is in a terrific position due in most part to the generosity of the public education community across NSW. Fortnightly contributions pay for 55% of our current operating expenses. Combine this with school donations and this figure gets close to 68% of operating expenses. Our goal over the next four years is to see staff and schools across NSW contribute almost all of the $3.8 million needed to run Stewart House each year. Funds then received from corporate sources can then be re-directed to much needed building replacement programs.
To this end, in 2015, Christine Hawkins (our longest serving school liaison officer) will be based out of Yass and charged with visiting southern NSW schools from Wollondilly to the Victorian border over the next two years. We look forward to Chris sharing the Stewart House story and signing up more supporters to become regular donors.
If you would like to book a 15 minute presentation at your staff meeting this year please contact Stewart House on 02 9938 3021. We have also produced a new 5 minute video suitable for sharing with your staff only.
If you are unable to host a visit or are keen to spread the word in other parts of the state, please contact Stewart House for a copy.
If your school is located in Southern NSW, please expect a call from Christine Hawkins, our School Liaison Officer and accept our appreciation in advance for scheduling a time in a staff meeting for them.

Stewart House looks to the future

Stewart House is currently reviewing the assistance and programs we should be providing as we approach the second century of service to public schools across NSW. As we have done over our first 100 years, Stewart House will continue to evolve with the changing needs of society. We look forward to continuing to help 1,800 public school children each year. If you would like to find out more information about the enrolment and placement processes please visit our portal on the DEC intranet.

Thank you for your continued support,

Amanda Bisset
Marketing Manager

Telephone: 02 9938 3100

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