By leaving a gift to Stewart House though bequest you are helping us change the lives of thousands of children for generations to come. You may also wish to leave a donation in loving memory of a family member or friend.

Since our doors opened in 1931, Stewart House has supported over 150,000 children in need and your gift is a way of ensuring that thousands more are able to benefit from a stay at Stewart House.

We understand that leaving a bequest in your Will is an important decision to make and we are here to support you through this process. If you would like any further information about our program and the work that we do, please get in contact with us on (02) 9938 3100 or at

We are always grateful when someone decides to make a bequest to Stewart House as this unbudgeted  ‘windfall’ enables us to make improves to the program and to our infrastructure.

How will my gift be used?

You can choose where and how you would like us to use your gift. Leaving a bequest for general use will allow us to direct your gift to where it is needed most.  Alternatively, you may choose to direct your gift towards a specific fund, including:

  • Capital improvements to benefit the children’s comfort and stay
  • Providing additional resources to support the psychological and emotional needs of the children
  • The provision of healthy well-balanced meals for the children
  • Weekend excursions for the children
  • Providing suitable footwear, clothing and toiletry items for the children
  • Providing transport for children from regional and remote parts of the state to access Stewart House.

Wording for your Will

To include Stewart House, New South Wales in your Will we suggest that you use the following wording:

” I bequeath to Stewart House for its [general use or a specified purpose], my [entire estate, or the sum of $…… from my estate, or the residual of my estate], free of all duties. The receipt of the Chief Executive Officer or other authorized officer for the time being shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the executor(s).”

Call us: we would be happy to speak to you about this.  If you have any further questions or would like more information please contact Stewart House on (02) 9938 3100 or at

We confirm that Stewart House (ABN 97 127 072 100) is a public company limited by guarantee registered in terms of the Corporations Act 2001, a charity registered with the ACNC and a public benevolent institution with endorsement as a deductible gift recipient.

Stewart House Bequests 2006 – 2017

June Smith $ 230
Isabella Principe $300
William Blake $305
Mais Vaughan $400
Joy Delaney $472
Robyn Dixon $475
John Huxley $500
Kay Sara $765
John Sauer $ 782
Julie Elizabeth Gill  $1,000
Anna Nicolaou $1,000
Pamela Doris Gregg $1,014
Helen Montgomery $1,050
Wendy M Nicholson $1,461
Alan Guymer $2,000
Margaret Kay Routh $2,000
Pauline Kessell $2,024
Louise Gaukrodger $4,000
Katherine Yabsley $5,000
The Meates Family $ 7,250
Elsie Mary Grace Casey $10,000
Norma Lea $10,130
Simon Firth $11,000
Allan Earl Whackett $17,087
Beverley Alison Wood $33,819
Ronald Joseph Fisher $84,716
Evelyn May McLean $98,969
Cynthia Fernandes $150,000
Beryl Elizabeth Raymer $180,000
John Harold Dugdale $834,949
Keith Dowling $909,467

$ 2,372,165