Stewart House has grown since 1931 with one charter – to care for children from all parts of NSW and the ACT that are in need. Central to our growth is the requirement that these children are part of the public education system in either state. Stewart House enjoys unprecedented support from the NSW Department of Education and NSW Health and the NSW Teachers Federation.

Each year 1,700 public school children in need come to Stewart House from many parts of NSW and the ACT. During their stay, children are provided with optometric, dental and medical treatment as well as emotional support. This is balanced with health and educational programs and out of school activities to boost their self-esteem and to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Children in the care of Stewart House attend a specific purpose school onsite for 8 days of their 12-day stay. The NSW Department of Education provides infrastructure and staffing support for this school. All others costs associated with the children’s stay are met from charitable donations.

Once the children leave school for the day they are cared for by suitably qualified supervisors overnight and at the weekend. Meals, accommodation costs, transport and entertainment expenses as well as salary costs for supervisors, cooks, cleaners, laundry and maintenance staff are all sourced from donations made to Stewart House. These costs amount to some $4.5 million each year.

Traditionally, teachers and staff from the NSW public education system have donated through fortnightly salary contributions around $2 million of this $4 million. Public school children through school-based fundraising contribute around $500,000. The remainder is gathered from personal and corporate donations and applications for private grants and subsidies.

Our Vision

To enable all the children who come to Stewart House to:

  • Have a wide range of rich and rewarding experiences
  • Be inspired to see beyond their present circumstances
  • Have real hope and positive aspirations for their future.

Our Mission

We provide for children in need from NSW and ACT public schools, a residential program of up to 12 days duration where educational and experiential learning is embedded within a health and wellbeing framework.

Our Values

Our values are excellence, integrity and compassion. These are manifested in:

  • Our leadership
  • Our independence
  • Our cooperative external relationships
  • Our responsible management of funds
  • The recognition, dignity and respect we accord to our clients, supporters, staff and volunteers