Fundraising at your school

We continue to be impressed by the many creative ways schools fundraise for Stewart House.

Need some ideas for your school? Check out the ideas below for inspiration!

Previous Stewart House fundraisers for schools include:

  • Mufti Day for $3.00 with each child given a Stewart House handball.
  • Mufti Day for gold coin donation with each child given an entry into the Stewart House Donation Drive.
  • Draw the outline of the Stewart House logo on the ground in chalk and fill it with coins.
  • Challenge each class to create the longest line of 5c pieces.
  • A handball competition with the Stewart House high bounce handballs.
  • Dress as an ‘S’ day for Stewart House. Other activities such as pyjama mufti days, sausage sizzles, cake, ice-cream and jelly stalls.


More ideas…

  • Book fairs: Foster a love of reading and a sense of charity by holding a book fair.
  • School breakfast: Ready to get up at the crack of dawn and sell pancakes and bacon to early risers

  • Movie night: Pick a popular movie – make sure to keep it age-appropriate depending on your audience! – and sell tickets to students and staff. Set up a concessions stand (or maybe incorporate a bake sale?) and raise extra money by selling popcorn, drinks and delicious snacks.
  • Candy jar count: Another example of a quick and easy fundraiser with low overhead but fun results. All you need is a large jar that you can fill up with candy (M&Ms or Skittles are a prime choice) and tickets you can sell for staff and students to take a guess at how many candies are in the jar. You can either offer the candy as the prize, or have different prizes depending on how close the guesses are!
  • Scavenger hunt: Children love scavenger hunts, but they’re also great fun for people of all ages. Participants can either donate to sign up or collect sponsors (perfect as a team activity too – think team costumes or themes!), then race around school property looking for various items on a list. Have prizes at the end for whoever finds all the items, whoever finds specific items, or which participants had the best costumes.

  • Lemonade stand for charity: Offer up a selection of cold drinks. This fundraiser is especially good when the weather is still hot from the summer, or when paired with another event like a fun fair or charity run.
  • School garage sale: Need to get rid of a few things around the house? Whether it’s spring cleaning or just an annual clean up, having a garage sale – but at school or on campus – is a fun way to earn money while jettisoning various items. Have students (and especially teachers or parents) bring in unwanted goods to sell, with all the proceeds going to charity. Open the sale up to the community as well – you could raise even more money and make even stronger connections.



Sources:, 71 fast fundraising ideas for schools. August, 2017

Image credits: EatingWell, AlphaGamma


Team Member Interview with Sarah Haywood

How are you involved with Stewart House? 

I was a teaching Assistant Principal at Stewart House School for three years and this year I’m employed as a School Liaison Officer. My current role involves visiting schools across the metropolitan area to promote our health and wellbeing programs and assist schools in supporting the students they nominate for a Stewart House stay.

My work at Stewart House has been the most rewarding work I’ve been involved in within a long career in education.  It is uplifting to work alongside so many warm and compassionate people to support our students and provide them with enjoyable experiences, new understandings and skills.

Why is Stewart House important? 

In my role as School Liaison Officer it is important for me to convey to teachers the considerable impact that our programs can make on the health and wellbeing of their students. The children have the opportunity to learn important life skills at a depth not covered by the regular school curriculum. As well as having a well-deserved break, the students leave Stewart House with a toolbox of self care, social and emotional regulation skills that can truly enhance their own wellbeing and relationships.

Since 1931 Stewart House has provided support to over 220,000 children and the demand persists today. Our compassionate and dedicated Stewart House team wants to continue providing this essential service to 1700 children each fortnight, long into the future, however, we need ongoing financial support to do this. Donations will allow us to assist many more children and offer them hope for the future.

Sarah Haywood – School Liaison Officer