Teachers and administrative staff from public schools in NSW and ACT have always personally supported Stewart House

Thanks to this kindness, over 150,000 vulnerable children have experienced the benefits of our program. A regular fortnightly donation provides our children with essential health screening, enhanced wellbeing, new relationship skills and hope for the future.

How does it work?

Workplace giving is a great way to make regular donations to Stewart House from your fortnightly pay. By signing up to our workplace giving program you will be making a significant impact in the lives of thousands of children who really need your help. Your donations will reduce your taxable income, everybody wins! We provide a range of options to suit your circumstances, below:

I am an NSW Department of Education employee and would like to sign-up to a fortnightly donation to Stewart House.

Please select from our range of quick and easy online forms below, to get started.  For those preferring to ponder over the best option, a detailed PDF form is available, here, for download and to email to our office.

(1) I am a permanent NSW Department of Education employee and would like to deduct this donation from my fortnightly salary.

Please complete the online form provided to the right of this page.

(2) I already contribute and wish to increase my donation

Please complete the online form provided to the right of this page.

(3) I am a temporary/casual NSW Department of Education employee and would like my donation to be deducted from my Teachers Mutual Bank (TMB) account or by credit card

There are two easy options available to staff in this category and include arranging donations through our TMB Direct Debit online form here. Alternatively, head on over to our Regular Giving online form, here.

(4) I am employed by another workplace and wish to sign-up to a regular donation to Stewart House

More information on establishing regular Workplace Giving by those outside the Department of Education’s Salary Contribution Scheme is available here.

I am retiring and wish to continue my support.

As you will no longer have the option to contribute via a payroll deduction, we hope you will consider continuing your support for Stewart House in your retirement by one of the following options:

  1. State Super Pension Deduction
  2. Teachers Mutual Bank
  3. Monthly deduction from your credit card

Please click here to access the Retirement Donations Form.

Personal Details


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School Details

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Contribution Details

I would like to start making a fortnightly donation to Stewart House

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New contribution amount:

I would like to increase my current fortnighly contributions to the following amount

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I agree that my contribution will be deducted from my pre-tax salary under the Department's Workplace Giving program and will automatically increase annually in line with the official CPI.