Ann’s Story

People who have spent time at Stewart House often reflect on what it meant to them and sometimes they let us in on their insights.

“My name is Ann, I attended Stewart House in the early 1990’s. It was the best two weeks of my life.

I really enjoyed how you were still at school but you also did other activities that you may never get to do with the family.

I remember staying in the downstairs girl dorms and that there was so many other girls and boys, having a break from home and making so many new friends.

My main memories are waking up to the beach across the road, going on excursions, to Palm beach (where the TV show Home and away was filmed) the zoo, movies, having little discos, going swimming across the road at the beach was amazing.




It was great writing letters home to family and getting a reply and having clothes washed each night I was about 7-8  years old at the time and I loved every minute, I think every kid should experience this.

Stewart House had a positive effect on my life – I stayed in school finished my HSC and have now become a director of a childcare centre, I valued how I was treated by the teachers and wanted I too wanted to help other children.








(*Above vintage images from the Stewart House hard drive – Summer Bay/Palm Beach 1996)

Thanks for letting me have a little trip down memory lane.”