Stewart House Salary Contribution Scheme – 2023 Strategy

Stage 1 & 2 – Filming and Rollout

Stewart House has produced a video emphasising the history and founding of Stewart House in 1931.  We thank the following key stakeholders who have committed their support in filming the new video.

    • NSW Department of Education – Secretary of the NSW Department of Education, Murat Dizdar
    • NSW Teachers Federation – President of the NSW Teachers Federation, Angelo Gavrielatos (Jan 2020 – Jan 2024)
    • NSW Public Service Association/CPSU – General Secretary of the NSW Public Service Association & CPSU, Stewart Little
    • NSW Primary Principals’ Association – President of the NSW Primary Principals’ Association, Robyn Evans
    • NSW Secondary Principal’s Council – President of the NSW Secondary Principal’s Council, Craig Petersen

The video aims to:

Your support is vital in our mission to change children’s lives. Please contact our office if you have difficulties accessing or linking this video.

Link to YouTube Video