Stewart House Activist

Thank you for electing to become the Stewart House Activist for your school!

We welcome you as an active ambassador of our unique program. Your involvement will assist us enormously as you facilitate sharing Stewart House information with your colleagues, including newslettersthe student placement process, the Department’s workplace giving scheme, and school fundraising occasionally and where appropriate.

With your help, we can continue supporting and optimising the health and wellbeing of the 1600 vulnerable young people who visit us each year.

It’s as simple as seeking the support of your principal and providing us with your email and contact details below. Once we have received your details, we will be in touch with some information to help champion the Stewart House cause in your school.

    Please accept this message as my willingness to become the Stewart House Activist for our school. I understand you will communicate details regarding enrolments and fundraising for the Stewart House Program.

    A recent video message highlights endorsements for the Stewart House Program from the highest level of Union and the NSW Department of Education

    Stewart House has produced a video emphasising the history and founding of Stewart House in 1931.  We thank the following key stakeholders who have committed their support in filming the new video.

      • NSW Department of Education – Secretary of the NSW Department of Education, Murat Dizdar
      • NSW Teachers Federation – President of the NSW Teachers Federation, Angelo Gavrielatos (Jan 2020 – Jan 2024)
      • NSW Public Service Association/CPSU – General Secretary of the NSW Public Service Association & CPSU, Stewart Little
      • NSW Primary Principals’ Association – President of the NSW Primary Principals’ Association, Robyn Evans
      • NSW Secondary Principal’s Council – President of the NSW Secondary Principal’s Council, Craig Petersen

    The video aims to:

    Your support is vital in our mission to change children’s lives. Please contact our office if you are having difficulties accessing or linking this video.

    Link to YouTube Video